Construction Contracts Act 2002: New Amendments – Are you in the know?

September 23, 2016

Earlier this year, Parliament introduced a Bill to update and amend the Construction Contracts Act 2002. If you are in the construction industry there are several proposed changes that may impact you. The key changes proposed by the Bill are:

  • Removing most differences between residential and commercial contracts, including requiring the same disclosures for commercial payment claims as for residential payment claims
  • Expanding the Act’s scope to cover the work of engineers, designers and quantity surveyors
  • Updating and clarifying the adjudication procedure.

At Canterbury Legal we aim to educate our clients around the pitfalls of the construction industry and how you can make changes in the law work for you. If you think these key changes might impact you please contact Clive Cousins or David Ballantyne for more information on how you can take preventative measure to ensure your business adapts to the proposed amendments introduced by the Bill.

David Ballantyne

About David Ballantyne

David specialises in litigation and dispute resolution where he has a broad range of experience drawing on his background in commercial, property and private client work.

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