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Unit Titled Property? Body Corporate Rules?

23 July 2016
by Eric Lee

You own a unit titled property on the ground floor. The tree in your back yard has grown so tall that it blocks the sun to your neighbour’s apartment on the first floor. Your neighbour complains to the Body Corporate Committee who then gives you written notice to remove the tree. Can the body corporate committee do that?

As an owner, you are a part of the body corporate so you can have a say. How will you challenge this?

At Canterbury Legal, we can help you interpret the Body Corporate Rules and let you know your rights and responsibilities. For Body Corporate Committees we offer advice on body corporate governance and proper procedures so as to avoid expensive litigation. For individual unit titled property owners, we can represent you in the event that a there is a decision that adversely affects you.

Please contact Grant Smith, Eric Lee or Jim Eddy at Canterbury Legal for all questions regarding unit titles.

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