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Estates & Powers of Attorney

We understand that when the inevitable happens most important is protecting your family. Traditionally Wills were the mechanism for passing on your assets.

In todays world Wills are one among others in having your wishes respected. We want to ensure you understand the options that are available.

Estate Planning

  • The family trust has become more predominant in dealing with major assets such as the family home.
  • Living wills allow for advance health care decisions to be implemented.
  • Other interventions such as testamentary promises can impact on your final requirements.

We are here to show you the best and most effective way of achieving your final wishes while keeping you fully informed as to the legal implications of the actions you are taking.

We will ensure that an enforceable will reflects your true wishes.

Estate Administration

Are you a trustee of a family member’s estate? Has a family member died without making a will and left assets that need to be dealt with?

We have extensive experience in estate administration.

We can provide guidance and undertake the legal steps to enable smooth and timely estate administration while keeping you informed as to trustee obligations and accountability requirements.

For more about Wills and Estates refer NZ Law Society Guide “Making a Will and Estate Administration”.

Powers of Attorney

Attorneys are able to stand in the shoes of the person who appointed them. They can:

  • Operate bank accounts;
  • Transfer property;
  • Incur legally binding obligations; and
  • Undertake any legal action in the same way that the appointer could.

It stands to reason it is imperative that any person given these powers is competent and trustworthy.

At Canterbury Legal our Directors are often called upon to perform such duties either in their personal capacity or as advisers to appointed family members or trusted business associates.

General Powers of Attorney (“GPA”)

  • A GPA allows you to appoint someone to assist in conducting your affairs.
  • Companies can appoint attorneys to act on their behalf.
  • GPA’s require that you have mental and physical ability to deal with the attorney.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (“EPA”)

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (“EPA”) allow an attorney to continue in the event that you lose mental or physical capacity.
  • Both a GPA and an EPA will cease immediately on the death of the person who granted it.

For more about Powers of Attorney refer NZ Law Society Guide “Powers of Attorney”.

We can prepare powers of attorney so that your affairs and family are looked after in the event that you are no longer able to.

We will help you formulate the plan and then implement it to ensure your goals are achieved and your loved ones are looked after.

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