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Finance & Securities

We are highly experienced in providing legal advice to clients involved in Finance & Securities law across a wide range of ventures. Our service and experience also extends to dealing with financial institutions and regulatory authorities on behalf of our clients.

Finance & Banking

Whether it’s corporate lending, lease financing, securitisations or anything else in the myriad of financial undertakings, Canterbury Legal keeps abreast of a full range of current and emerging issues in this field.

Our involvement in finance and banking law is far reaching and includes providing advice to clients on:

  • Property development and Subdivision financing;
  • Corporate financing;
  • Asset financing;
  • Construction and project financing;
  • Farm and rural financing; and
  • Bridging finance.

We have established relationships with a variety of different lenders to meet our clients varying needs and decades of experience in facilitating financing transactions speedily and cost effectively.


Securities laws can be split into two categories:

  • Transactional: where a financial institution or investment entity provides finance in various forms; and
  • Regulatory: where the Financial Markets Authority regulates the Financial Service Providers.

Securities laws regulate the myriad of complex products that make up the securities market including:

  • issuing of stocks by public corporations;
  • purchasing shares in private companies;
  • packaging of loans, bonds and notes;
  • mortgages;
  • bills of lading; and
  • bills of exchange.

At Canterbury Legal we are dedicated to providing professional legal services to support your dealings involving Finance & Securities Law; whether you are in the process of obtaining finance or a financial provider. We are here to support any dealings you have that involve securities law and to help you with any interactions with the Financial Markets Authority.

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