Are you and your business Innovators, Inventors or at the forefront of a new development idea? Protection of the proprietary ownership and enabling you to capitalise on the intellectual property involved is where we can help you capitalise and increase your profits.

Intellectual Property arises as a result of human intellect. There are two distinct forms:

  • Literary and Artistic works;
  • Industrial Property.

We can assist with and advise on:

  •  Branding and Trademark Protection;
  •  Copyright;
  •  Designs;
  •  Licensing;
  •  Collaboration;
  •  Compliance;
  •  Research and Development Grants;
  •  Border Protection; and
  •  Franchising and Passing Off.

Our litigators can assist with any disputes arising including infringement and patent issues and work to protect your IP rights.

We can also advise in relation to royalty agreements and assist with the complex national and international negotiations that often take place.

Call Clive or Eric today to discuss your IP / royalty agreement requirements.

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