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Reinterpreting the Family Protection Act 1955: the problem with ‘moral duty’

In current New Zealand law, "moral duty" refers to the ethical obligation that a will-maker (the person creating a will) has towards their spouse or children. This obligation involves providing for the financial needs of family members in a manner that reflects societal expectations of fairness and familial responsibility. However, the exact definition and scope […]

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Legislative Limbo: Confronting the Deepfake Menace in New Zealand

What is a deepfake? A deepfake is essentially where another person’s characteristics have been digitally altered to represent that of someone else. Their use is often tied with deceptive practices or malicious acts and for spreading false information through the use of someone else’s identity. No longer just the domain of expert digital creators. Deepfake […]

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Decoding Prenups: The Ultimate Roadmap to Understanding

You’ve just entered a new relationship. Congratulations! But what if you and your partner come into the relationship with different assets that you both wish to keep, should you later decide to go your separate ways? This is where a Contracting Out Agreement, more commonly known as a “prenup”, comes into play. In a nutshell, […]

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